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Premieres & Commissions

Since its founding, the Minnesota Chorale has premiered many exciting new choral works by both emerging and established composers, for performance in a variety of musical settings. Commissioning new music is central to the Chorale's mission of "…performing an ever-widening repertory of choral music at the highest artistic level…"

Composer Work(s) Chorale's First
Adams, John Nixon in China [concert version] 2/24/89 ²
Argento, Dominick A Nation of Cowslips 3/18/74
Barnett, Carol "Minnesota, That's Me"
8/23/08 ¹
Fetler, Paul "All Day I Hear"
"Madman's Song"
"November Night"
"Wild Swans"
Fetler, Paul Songs of Night 6/5/76
Harbison, John Ave Verum Corpus 4/17/92 ²
Heitzeg, Steve I Pray to the Birds 11/21/10¹
Henze, Hans Werner Moralities 5/2/78 ²
Higdon, Jennifer The Singing Rooms 5/21/09 ²
Kernis, Aaron Jay Garden of Light [revised version] 9/18/02 ¹
Kyr, Robert Ah Nagasaki: Ashes into Light 10/11/08 ²
La Cour, Niels Two Motetti Latini 1982 11/16/91 ²
Larsen, Libby Pluck the Fruit 11/5/88
Larsen, Libby Missa Gaia 4/22/95
Paulus, Stephen Beautiful Things 11/5/88
Paulus, Stephen Madrigali de Michelangelo 5/19/87
Paulus, Stephen Wake Up in the Morning 11/21/09 ¹
Tavener, Sir John Ikon of Eros 11/13/02 ¹ ³
Vandervelde, Janika Adventures of the Black Dot 5/18/01 ¹
Vandervelde, Janika Adventures of the Black Dot [revised version] 3/13/03 ¹ ³
Vandervelde, Janika Beijing Cai Hong 3/29/98 ¹
Vandervelde, Janika Fire of the Spirit 4/7/00
Vandervelde, Janika (mentor) The Music Moves Like We Do 11/21/09 ¹
Wuorinen, Charles Genesis 11/18/92 ² ³
Zimmerman, Heinz Psalmkonzert 5/10/73 ²

¹ premiere
² regional premiere
³ commercially recorded
Information compiled from Jon Clifford Lahann, The Minnesota Chorale: The Growth of a Symphonic Chorus, 1972-1997 (Ph.D. dissertation, University of Minnesota, 1997), and other sources.

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